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Comprehensive, Customized 3PL Services

At Cims, we cater to the comprehensive spectrum of your logistical needs. From foundational to customized solutions, we’ve got you covered

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Select from our range of services, each designed to streamline your logistics and scale your business. We’ve tailored each service to ensure a seamless, cost-effective experience

These standard prices apply to shipments sent in accordance with our receiving guidelines (1 SKU per box). For shipments not following our guidelines, additional charges may apply.

Our warehousing service provides secure, climate-controlled storage for your products. We offer different types of storage units to cater to your specific needs

Our fulfillment service includes the full process from receiving your order to packaging & dispatch.

Please note, these rates include standard packaging materials. For custom packaging, additional charges may apply. We do not upsell shipping labels.

If you’re seeking to have your inventory transported from our warehouse to another location (an Amazon Warehouse, another 3PL, etc.). Our shipping service focuses on loading your inventory onto outbound trucks for transit. 

Please note that these rates include the materials used for each process. If your items have special requirements beyond what’s mentioned here, please get in touch with us for custom pricing

For those unique needs that don’t fit neatly into a category, our team is ready and capable to deliver custom solutions. We’re eager to tailor a custom service to meet any requirement

Deeper Dive into Cims

In the world of 3PL, Cims stands apart. Here’s how:

Partner with Cims and discover a 3PL experience that’s designed with your business in mind.

Starter Plan

$ 750
  • Receiving 5 pallets or 50 cartons
  • Storing 5 pallets or 50 cartons
  • Fulfillment for 250 orders/month
  • Unlimited Returns
  • Filing Claims
  • Kitting & Bundling