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If your dream is to grow your eCommerce store, then it’s time to embrace warehousing. Warehousing is something that smaller eCommerce companies easily and often overlook. While spending most of your time and budget on marketing to increase website conversion rates is tempting, don’t be this kind of seller! Yet, finding the right one may not be as easy as it sounds, so today, we’ll discuss how to find a warehouse.

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Find Warehouses For Rent Online

There are several ways you can go about finding a warehouse in today’s digital world. For starters, there are lots of online property databases that make it easy to begin your warehouse search. And the best part is that you can use filters and sort options to narrow down the types of properties you want to see.

As you begin your search, there are some things you should know:

⦁ What is your rental budget?
⦁ How much space do you need?
⦁ What’s your ideal location? Do you need to be close to a supplier, customers, or specific modes of transportation?
⦁ Are there any particular features you want, such as loading docks, onsite offices, reinforced flooring, etc.?

Keep in mind that finding available warehouse space can be challenging, depending on your location. Hence, many of those looking to rent warehouses search online as a starting point to get an idea of locations and prices.

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Find Warehouses With A Realtor

As we mentioned, searching online for available warehouses for lease is an excellent starting point to give you ideas. While you may get lucky and find your ideal location via an online search, most entrepreneurs prefer to work with a realtor. However, others may shy away from this, thinking it’s just an additional cost, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, there are no additional costs with hiring a realtor to help find a warehouse because building owners usually hire experienced agents to market and lease their buildings. These realtors are already being paid a commission for their service. So, when you partner with an agent, you team with someone who stays updated on all current listings, and many of them already know building owners, other listing agents, and landlords, making their job even easier!

Get Warehouse Capabilities From Partnering With A 3PL

Our last tip for figuring out how to find a warehouse is to partner with a 3PL. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are experts in logistics and warehousing. They are constantly working to improve upon their processes and create other cost-effective solutions for supply chains. 

Though some people are initially scared of the cost associated with hiring a 3PL, the truth is that doing so removes the need for equipment, overhead, labor, technology, and facilities. Perhaps the best part is that outsourcing to logistics experts cuts down on company waste, such as time and errors. And did we mention that 3PL companies do much more than simply store your goods? Typically, these companies offer other products and services, including packaging and transportation, and some even offer large volume discounts. 

The Bottom Line

 In the end, you have several options regarding how to find a warehouse. The primary consideration is how much time and effort you want to spend personally locating and maintaining an eCommerce warehouse. Whether you conduct an online search, team with a commercial realtor, or partner with a 3PL, finding a warehouse has never been easier!

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