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Based in the Houston area, Cims 3PL has been providing reliable, flexible, and competitively priced logistics services for the past 7 years to our clients across the globe. From supplier to shopper, Cims will handle your logistics so your focus is on growing your business.

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3PL in Houston

What is a 3PL

Third-party logistics(3PL) is the outsourcing of a business’s logistics, including distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment services, to a 3rd party. Whether you are an ecommerce business, a retail business, or a B2B company, 3PL’s can help fulfill your logistical needs and allow you to scale your business faster than you could by yourself. Click here to read our guide for all the information you need to fully understand 3PL’s

What services do 3PL’s provide

As an eCommerce business, you may find that handling merchandise in-house isn’t always productive. This is especially true for smaller eCommerce companies that are looking to expand. So, rather than operating on a shoestring, it may be in your company’s best interest to partner with a third-party logistics or 3PL service. Incorporating such services into your business plan allows you to team up with professionals so that you can focus on more critical tasks such as customer satisfaction, marketing, and growth.

Services provided by 3PL’s include, but are not limited to, Fulfillment/Pick & Pack, Storage, Shipping, Returns Handling, among many others. Click here to learn more about all the services Cims 3PL has to offer!


Benefits of using a 3PL

If you run an eCommerce store, take a moment to think about what a third-party logistics provider (3PL) could do for your business. And before you say that managing your own warehouses will result in better cost control and savings, you may want to keep reading. The truth is that partnering with a 3PL provides your company with many solutions and benefits that help you stay competitive and run a smoother supply chain. 

Benefits of using a 3PL include cost-savings, time-savings, scalability, and more! Click here to read more about the benefits of incorporating a 3PL into your business’ supply chain.

3PL Warehousing in Houston

If you are looking for a 3PL  in Houston, Texas, that provides fulfillment, storage, shipping, among many other services, get in touch with us now to discuss your needs!


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