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Comparing 3PL Pricing

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Comparing the pricing differences between different 3PL services(FBA vs Shipbob vs Rakuten Logistics vs Red Stag fulfillment vs Shiphero vs Easyship vs Shipmonk vs Deliverr vs Cimsuppliers)

This article aims to present the differences in pricing of various 3PL companies that provide eCommerce fulfillment. We will be comparing Startup, storage, pick-pack, FBA prep, return, and kitting fees.

The fulfillment services being compared in this article are Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA), ShipBob, Rakuten Logistics, Red Stag fulfillment, Shiphero, EasyShip, Shipmonk, Deliverr, and Cimsuppliers.

Each service will be presented and the prices offered by each company with notes will be included. Each service also has a short introduction to better help you understand what it means.

Implementation/Startup fees:

  • Amazon FBA: N/A
  • Shipbob: $0 for clients with <400 orders monthly. Hidden pricing for higher order volume.
  • Red Stag fulfillment: $100
  • Shipmonk: $0
  • Cimsuppliers: $0

Storage fees:

(in cubic ft. and pallets. A pallet can hold 60-64 cubic ft.)

  • FBA: January – September: Standard size: $0.75 per cubic foot. Oversized: $0.48 per cubic foot. October – December: Standard size: $2.40 per cubic foot. Oversized: $1.20 per cubic foot
    NOTE: Amazon FBA has stringent storage guidelines with Individual selling accounts having a set storage limit of 10 cubic feet
    NOTE 2: Amazon has increased its storage fees since February 1st, 2022. Click here to read more.
  • Shipbob: $40/pallet (60 cubic ft), $10/shelf (7.1 cubic ft), $5/bin (.77 cubic ft)
  • Red Stag fulfillment: $2/bin; $15/pallet
  • Easyship: Hidden
  • Shipmonk: $1-$4 for different size bins/$25 per pallet
  • Deliverr: $0.75/cubic ft. from Jan-Sep, during holiday season at $2.40/cubic ft. They also have long-term storage rates of $6.90/cubic foot
  • Cimsuppliers: $27.50/pallet/month, or $1.25/pallet/day if you don’t need a full month. $2/carton/month

Pick-pack fees:

  • FBA: For items weighing from 0-20 lbs: $2.85 – $5.68+$0.30/lb above first 3 lbs. For 20 lbs – 150+ lbs: $8.66 – $138.11
    : Amazon has increased its fulfillment fees since January 18th, 2022. Click here to read more.
  • Shipbob: $0.20/item.

At a glance, this looks great, but the costs you save in pick and pack fees are implemented elsewhere.

  • Red Stag fulfillment: $2.25–$2.65 for the first pick, $0.30 per additional item
  • Shipmonk: From $3+$0.75 per additional item for 0-499 shipments monthly to $1.80 + $0.35 per additional item for 5,000-9,999 shipments monthly.
  • Deliverr: Custom delivery fees which you can check at their website: https://cost-calculator.deliverr.com/
  • Cimsuppliers: $1.74-$5 for the first pick, $0.50/additional item

FBA prep:

  • FBA: N/A
  • Shipbob: $0.2-$0.25 per unit. Sticker/barcode fee: $0.20 per unit. Label Fee: $10 per label/BOL. Only available to clients who ship at least 400 non-FBA shipments with Shipbob per month.
  • Rakuten Logistics: FBA prep not offered
  • Red Stag fulfillment: Not offered
  • Easyship: Not offered
  • Shipmonk: First SKU pick fee: $2.50, same SKU pick fees: $0.50. Wholesale SKU pick fees: $0.25.
  • Deliverr: Not offered
  • Cimsuppliers: $0.20 per unit. FNSKU labeling fee: $0.50. Carton labeling fee: $1.50

Return fees:

  • FBA: $2.12 – $3.41 + $0.20/lb above first 3 lb for items weighing from 0-20 lbs.
  • Shipbob: $3 processing fee per  item returned. It includes: Any dispose or quarantine action. For restock: 3 inspection steps or less. Doesn’t include: Scanning barcodes, photos, uploading information in any third party software
  • Red Stag fulfillment: Hidden pricing
  • Easyship: Hidden pricing
  • Shipmonk: $2 per order + 50 cents per item in each order(Each order means each package returned.) Return processing, quality check, and restocking
  • Deliverr: Returns service not offered
  • Shiphero: Restocking Fee: $2.75 for first item and $0.25 for each additional item. Inspection Fee: $3.45 per unit returned (apparel) / $2.95 per unit returned (non-apparel). Self Returns: $2.75 for first item and $0.25 for each additional item + inspection fee per unit (if applicable)
  • Cimsuppliers: $1/item to process returns, $3/item if you need return processing, quality check, restocking, photos, and data entry.

Kitting fees:

  • FBA: Not offered

  • Shipbob: Starting at $0.40/item and the following additional costs: ShipBob: $5.00 for training and work station setup + kitting fees. Picking Fee: $0.07 per SKU. Construct my box/packaging: $0.56. Close my box/packaging: $0.04. Place item in box/packaging: $0.10. Pack item in ShipBob packaging: $0.15. Affix a pre-provided sticker/label/barcode: $0.21. Affix a ShipBob printed sticker: $0.26. Exact positioning requested for sticker/label/barcode: $0.07. Remove item from package: $0.21. Remove packaging or an insert: $0.28. Add my dunnage to the kit: $0.11. Add ShipBob paper dunnage: $0.11. Construct my box/divider insert: $0.28. Wrap my item: $0.28. Seal an item shut with tape/sticker: $0.08. Perform inspection of an item: $0.21. Change Item SKU to kit SKU: $0.02

  • Red Stag fulfillment: Hidden

  • Easyship: Hidden

  • Shipmonk: Hidden

  • Deliverr: Kitting not offered

  • Cimsuppliers: $0.50/unit + $0.20/additional unit flat fee

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