Cims 3PL Fulfillment

A unique, boutique 3PL. Located in Houston, Texas.

Storage. Packaging Hassles.
Complicated Shipping.
Hiring & Training.
Inventory Mismanagement.
Growth Bottlenecks.

What We Do

At Cims, we streamline complex logistics. Here's how:

Order Fulfillment

We handle it all: storing your inventory, shipping out items when a purchase is made on your online store, processing returns, and more

2-Day & Same-Day Delivery

Fast delivery options that keep you competitive and your customers happy

FBA Prep

Preparation that meets Amazon's guidelines, every single time

B2B Logistics

Expert management of complex B2B requirements

Kitting & Subscription Box

Tailored services for intricate kits and subscription boxes for a top-notch customer experience

Custom Work

Specialized solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements

Explore Pricing

We balance competitive pricing with uncompromised, premium services. Superior quality without breaking your budget.

Our Process: Simplified

We believe in efficiency and simplicity. Here's how we work:

1. Connect & Plan

Start by sharing your requirements and goals with us. Our experts will then craft a tailored operational plan that aligns with your objectives.

2. Ship Inventory

Send your products to our fulfillment center. We'll handle the storage and organization.

3. Sell

Keep selling. We integrate your inventory into our system and manage all order fulfillment and shipping logistics.

Our Guarantees

99.97% orders shipped correctly


On-Time Shipping

Every order ships within 24 hours

Quick response times

Any questions? We'll get back to you right away.

0 Error Tolerance

If you spot an error in your inventory management, we'll conduct a full audit and rectify it at our cost

Product Types

We understand that every product is unique and demands personalized handling. Our extensive range of services accommodates diverse product types, from apparel to tech.

How We Deliver Top Prices
We operate lean and pass the savings onto you. No inflated marketing budgets, no unnecessary overheads. Just top-notch fulfillment software and discounted shipping rates. And we promise, no upselling, ever.
Explore Pricing
How We Communicate
Phone. Text. Email. Whatsapp. Slack. Take your pick.

Always have a direct line to the warehouse floor.

Hear From our Clients

Brand Owners who we’ve worked with before have something to tell you.

B. Ozdemir
Amazon Brand Owner

“Cim suppliers are excellent team to work with. Reasonable price, quick response, helpful and friendly attitude! Special thanks to Noman for getting the job done quickly.”

A. Grady
Brand Owner

“Cim Suppliers has been fantastic to work with! We have worked with many warehouses prior, and so far they have exceeded our expectations. With great communication, fast response time, quick turn-around of shipping out of products, and reasonable rates, we are lucky to have found them to work with.”

R. Ali
Brand Owner

“Great response time and reasonable rates. Would work in future as well. Team is incredible and cooperation is 💯/ 💯.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover all parts of order fulfilment, which is storing your products, and shipping them to customers when they order. We cover storage, packaging, and shipping your products to your customers.

At Cims, we do things differently. We’re a boutique 3PL, meaning we’re small enough to care, but experienced enough to make a significant difference to your business. With us, you’re not a number in a queue or an account to be managed. You’re a business partner. We believe in forming a relationship where we understand your needs and you can count on us to deliver.

We offer efficiency and transparency. That means no hidden fees, no unexpected surprises – just reliable service that works. We know that the core of a successful 3PL relationship is trust, and we’re committed to earning yours every single day.

If you want a 3PL that’s committed to your growth, that’s straightforward in its dealings, and that delivers on its promises, give Cims a try.

It’s very easy. Get in touch today and you can send your inventory as soon as tomorrow.

Richmond, Texas. In the suburbs of Houston.

As of now, yes. But we have contacts in California and New York and can put you in touch with other trusted 3PLs if needed.

Red = Where our clients are from.

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